PS Legal are specialised in a number of industries and have extensive experience and knowledge in these areas, but upon request we can of course help you in other business law areas - we welcome new challenges! The first hour of consultation is always free.
Our lawyers have years of experience and specialised expertise in business related law, and they are always available to provide you with the legal advice you need. Within the field of business, PS Legal also offers other legal services, from drafting contracts to filing lawsuits.

Lawyer on Demand

Lawyer on demand enables you to have direct access to a lawyer who can provide you with legal advice and lega services at a fixed monthly price.

Contracts and terms

We help you write, revise and review your agreements.

Disputes and legal process

We represent you in disputes - both in litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.


Are you a newly established company or an entrepreneur? We have innovative thinking and beneficial solutions just for you!

Property Law

We can provide you with legal advice relating to Property Law - both for landlords and for tenants.

Corporate Law

We can assist you in the restructuring of corporate entities, drafting of shareholders agreements, review of contracts and governance and liability matters.

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