PS Debt Collection offers debt collection with a documented success rate. Our experience and our surveys show that the most effective way to achieve results and increase profitability is to use debt collection processes that are adapted to each company and industry, and to give special treatment to certain customers when necessary. For that reason, each and every claim will be unique and will require a unique approach. We manage debt collections for both companies and for private individuals. When objections arise, our legal team is close at hand to to ensure that the matter can be settled in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. We are active within debt collection across all of Europe.

This is how it works



Our software communicates with the vast majority of financial systems on the market. You also have the option of sending PDF files to directly to us.



If payment is not received within the timeframe indicated on the invoice, the customer will be sent a reminder.


Debt Collection Notice

If your customer still has not paid the outstanding amount, a debt collection notice is issued.


Legal Action

If the bills continue to remain unpaid following the debt collection notice, we then initiate legal proceedings. In that case you will have full access to our team of lawyers.

Debt collection with a high success rate


We want our engagement to really stand out, so when you work with us, you get your own personal administrator who carefully adapts our working methods to your company’s needs.


Our comprehensive integration solutions for familiar systems such as Visma Administration, e-economics, Fortnox and Navision allow us to work seamlessly and efficiently. The transfer of new tasks and the management of repayments works in both directions. We use Rest-API, CSV-format and XML to connect to other business systems.


You can always rest assured that you have access to the right knowledge and skills for everything that falls under the umbrella of corporate assets management and foreign debt collection. We offer a comprehensive range of services and our employees are amongst the best in the business.


Should you run into problems with disputed claims, our lawyers are ready and waiting to help. They work closely with debt collection agents and have years of experience successfully solving these sorts of disputes.

Our specialties

Debt Collection in Sweden

We place our focus on ensuring that you, as our client, always receive payments for your receivables; simply because fair's fair.

Debt Collection Abroad

We are active in debt collection across all of Europe. As our client, you will always be able to receive help regardless whether you are dealing with a customer in Sweden or elsewhere in the world.

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